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Leaping the Tingles by Helene Smith - Book Reality

How the Hell did I get Here?

by Pamela Lynch

Released 1 March 2018

At the age of 40, looking to keep her mind occupied, Pamela Lynch enrolled in an Arts degree at the University of Western Australia. What followed was an unexpected fifteen-year journey that culminated in a PhD in Classics and Ancient History. Not content to take life easy after her Doctorate, Pamela decided to trek to Everest Base Camp to celebrate her 60th birthday. Having achieved this most physical of challenges, for some unknown reason, even to herself, she decided to go back to Nepal two years later to take on a much more difficult route through the Himalayas. Pamela was still in Kathmandu when, on the 25th April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the largest in over eighty years, struck Nepal.

“I was there, I was part of it. Nepal was shaken, I was shaken, but I don’t regret one step of my journey.”

Leaping the Tingles by Helene Smith - Book Reality

Leaping The Tingles

by Helene Smith

Released 28 December 2017

In the beginning, Celia seemed like a normal kid, but then…

I crept out onto the balcony while Mum, Dad and Big Olive talked….”I’ve seen how she is and I’m almost certain she is going to turn out like Hetty,” said Big Olive.

“It’s the wohunk streak…”

Dreamstone by Helene Smith - Book Reality


by Helene Smith

Released 14 December 2017

On her first holiday with her dad since her parents split up, Lucy is unhappy. Even her talent for writing stories has deserted her.
But Lucy’s wishes are answered when a strange being called Sharni comes from outer space to bring colour back into her life.

Dreamstone is a magical story of adventure, friendship and dreams that come true.

Secrets From Norway by Christopher Masterman - Book Reality

Secrets From Norway

by Christopher Masterman

Released 1 December 2017

Norway, summer 1940. A young British pilot helps a local girl, burdened with a cargo that cannot fall into the hands of the Nazis.

Together they survive and escape to Scotland, where he will return to flying and she will join the fledgling Special Operations Executive, but their shared secrets are destined to last long after the end of the war.

Fall Guys by Ian Andrew - Book Reality

Fall Guys

by Ian Andrew

Released 10 March 2017

“We want to know why the Brits are selling weapons to ISIS.” When a break-in threatens Britain’s National Security, Franklyn calls on Wright & Tran but Kara will have to take this case on her own. The third in the critically acclaimed Wright & Tran series.


Children of Morwena by Helene Smith - Book Reality

Children of Morwena

by Helene Smith

Released 30 November 2017

This is more than a book about survival. Andre and Leila, teenagers of the future and their young sister, Bonnie are thrust into a life of chaos after an enemy strike on their home city of Morwena, but the will to be reunited, to find love, joy and to create a common life is strong.

Above all, the Children of Morwena is about the many sides of love and the need to belong.

Out of Sight - Reflections on an Accidental Life by Richard Utting - Book Reality

Out of Sight

by Richard Utting

Released 9 October 2017

The autobiography of Richard Utting. “Readers of this book will be treated to a rollicking ride through Richard’s various careers including the military, the law, broadcasting, and service as the Mayor of a major city.” Wayne Martin, Chief Justice of Western Australia.

frenzship by Ray Glickman - Book Reality


by Ray Glickman

Released 16 April 2017

Imagine a world where people no longer choose their friends.

Two school friends, different in every respect, drift apart in search of themselves. One flits from dodgy deal to get-rich-quick scheme while the other fights for freedom and justice. Then the psychosocial media app, frenzship, takes the world by storm, revolutionising the very meaning of friendship and propelling the old friends onto a collision course.

Rhymes by Ian Andrew - Book Reality

The Little Book of Silly Rhymes & Odd Verses

by Ian Andrew

Released 10 March 2016

“There’s far more richness and subtlety to the WA novelist, publisher and poet’s verse than this slim volume’s title suggests… Mutton’s evocative sketches are the icing on this poetic cake.”
(William Yeoman, The West Australian)

Flight Path by Ian Andrew - Book Reality

Flight Path

by Ian Andrew

Released 29 Feburary 2016

“I’d like you to make sure the dead are really dead.” So it is that the enigmatic Franklyn tasks Kara and Tien to investigate the apparent suicide of a local celebrity. The second in the critically acclaimed Wright & Tran series.

Face Value by Ian Andrew - Book Reality

Face Value

by Ian Andrew

Winner of the Publishers Weekly – BookLife Prize for 2017

Introducing Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators.
Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training. When siblings Zoe and Michael Sterling insist that their middle-aged parents have gone missing, Kara and Tien are at first sceptical and then quickly intrigued; the father, ex-intelligence analyst Chris Sterling, appears to be involved with an elusive Russian thug.

A Time To Every Purpose by Ian Andrew - Book Reality

A Time To Every Purpose

by Ian Andrew

Released 26 February 2014

Leigh Wilson, the preeminent scientist of her generation, has invented a way to look back into time. Banned from using it for anything more than investigative purposes by a brutal regime that fears its power, she complies in the face of insurmountable odds. But the world is changing and in the aftermath of a vicious murder Leigh now faces her ultimate dilemma. Can she muster the courage to act and reset her reality?


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