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Get your book as a proofed paperback and a ‘ready for download e-book’ within weeks. Then make it instantly available to a global audience of readers.

In the past, there were two ways to get published 

The traditional route. Agents, publishers and rejection letters. Lots of rejection letters. Suffering the slings and arrows of those alleged guardians of the publishing world. Those faceless representatives who in the past and in their wisdom rejected Agatha Christie for years and JK Rowling potentially for ever, had it not been for a young girl convincing her publisher Mum to bring the rest of the book home.

So, this first way might not be your best bet.

Then there was Vanity publishing. Write your book, pay a lot of money to get some copies published, then become a sales person. Taking your book ‘door-to-door’ like a second-hand vacuum seller in the hope of finding someone to buy it. Struggle to sell them and normally end up with hundreds of paperbacks languishing in a store cupboard.

But now there is a new way. Write your book and have it globally available for all to see and purchase, using Publish On Demand (POD) technology. No agents to get through, no permissions to be gained, no boxes of books waiting to be sold. But POD needs your manuscript and cover to be format ready. It needs accounts established. For the biggest and best marketplace, Amazon’s Kindle* and CreateSpace*, it needs you to set up US accounts and US tax details. It can be tricky, fiddly, time-consuming and frustrating.

But it needn’t be; Book Reality will get you from manuscript to Paperback and E-book proof without you needing to fuss or worry.

Together we will turn your Book Dream into Reality.

The Book Reality Experience is a confederated team of experts equipped with the skills to help you make your book as professional as possible. Founded by Ian Andrew, an independently published author, we are determined to reach out and help other writers so that they too can enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of turning their book dreams into reality.

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