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Author of Crossing the Bridge, Secrets from Norway and many more.

Christopher Masterman was born in South London in 1942. His father was serving abroad with the British Royal Air Force; father and son did not meet until 1945. Christopher also joined the RAF where, with an MSc in aerospace technology, he served for 16 years as an Engineering Officer; at one time he was Prince Charles’s personal aircraft engineer. After leaving the RAF he worked for the European Space Agency in Austria before moving with his family to Canada where he joined a major aircraft manufacturing company where he rose to be an executive. In 1992 this company moved him back to the United Kingdom where he eventually retired. In 2006 he moved to Australia where he lives with his wife Elizabeth by the sea-side south of Perth.

Crossing the Bridge

Two days before the final Nazi surrender, US Army translator, Captain Paul Stoebel, watches his comrades pick their way across a destroyed bridge and enter the Austrian town of Braunau; Hitler’s birthplace.

The twisted metal, lying partially submerged in the River Inn, seems to mirror the ending of the Nazi forced ‘Anschluss’ between Germany and Austria, orchestrated just seven years earlier and meant to last a thousand years. About to set off across the bridge, Stoebel receives new orders. He is not to enter Braunau but report immediately to a place called Dachau.

Thrust into the midst of a legal team tasked with war crime investigations, he suffers mental trauma that affects him severely and stunts his ability to function normally in society. Only after many years and with the support of a strong woman in a loving relationship does he reach a level of contentment and peace, but the political rise of a one-time Nazi officer resurrects Paul’s Dachau demons.

It seems they can only be completely excised, through a final crossing of the Bridge at Braunau-am-Inn.

Previously Published as The Bridge at Braunau-am-Inn (ISBN 978-0-9943521-0-1)

Secrets from Norway

Two young people meet in Norway in the summer of 1940. The man, Colin, is a British RAF pilot who is trying to build an airfield for the Allies as part of their vain attempt to prevent the Nazi occupation of Norway; the woman, Ingrid, needs to get to Britain with a valuable burden that she wants to keep out of the clutches of the advancing Germans. Teaming up together, they make a perilous voyage to Scotland where Ingrid is persuaded to join the Special Operations Executive tasked with causing sabotage and disruption against the Germans.

Colin eventually returns to flying duties but is killed in an accident just after WW2 has ended. He has fathered two sons who are very close to each other: one contracts Muscular Dystrophy in later life; the other has a beautiful, lawyer partner who initiates the uncovering of mysteries surrounding Colin and Ingrid:

  • How did Colin get to be awarded an Order of the British Empire when only twenty-six years of age?
  • What was it that Ingrid brought out of Norway?
  • What were the two of them doing after they landed in Scotland?
  • What is the significance of Arisaig House where they both lived for a while?
  • And how do the answers tie into the death of Colin’s son?

Christopher Masterman

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