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Publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing*, CreateSpace* and Ingram Spark* is entirely accessible to all. However, if you are unsure of the steps, or if you need help with formatting, cover art or any other services, then The Book Reality Experience is your assistant in getting your book onto these worldwide distribution platforms.

From that point, your book will be available to a global audience and any sales will be paid at standard royalty rates (which can be up to 70% on E-books). Our services are purely designed to get you there.

We offer a range of packages from paperback formatting, through E-Book preparation, cover art design, all the way up to full editing and preparation services. All of it at fixed prices with no ongoing costs, or you can choose reduced up-front costs and an accompanying royalty share. It is entirely your choice. All copyright remains with you either way. For fixed price contracts, all ongoing royalty income is yours, forever. Regardless of which contract type you decide on, be assured we will never charge fees above those that you commit to up-front.

All packages are based on manuscripts of 99,000 words or less. If yours is bigger, that’s not a problem. If you don’t see exactly what you want, that’s not a problem either. Just get in touch (here) so we can discuss your requirements. All prices are in $Aud and are inclusive of GST. Book covers as quoted below are for a single selection from three drafts prepared by our in-house graphics. If you wish to use any of the illustrators listed on our Illustrators’ Page then that may incur extra charges. Please note that if you wish to publish under our imprint we will insist on professional editing being carried out. The price of which will be given based on an assessment of your manuscript. This price must be added to those quoted below, however, rest assured, all charges will be agreed in advance of any work being carried out. There are no hidden costs. EVER.

Serving members and veterans of the UK, Aus, Canadian, NZ and US Armed Forces will receive 10% discount on valid proof of Service. Members of the Alliance of Independent Authors also enjoy 10% discount.

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