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The Book Reality Experience is Open for Submissions

Vital points to be aware of:

  1. You do not need an agent to submit
  2. We accept all genres*
  3. We will always respond (within 6 weeks)
  4. Make this your best work – please do not send us bad grammar or poor punctuation as your synopsis and sample chapters won’t make it past our first check if they are not appropriately written and proof checked.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT currently looking at submissions for cookbooks or academic textbooks.

To submit your work to us please use the form at the foot of this page, noting the following guidelines:

  • At the head of your synopsis please put your full name, the title, the full word count of the finished manuscript and your contact details.
  • Fill in all the fields of the form as much as you can. pay particular attention to who you think your book will appeal to.
  • Attach a synopsis (maximum 2 pages) and the first 3 chapters of your manuscript or the first 50 pages if your chapters are short. Please ONLY attach Word or Pdf format documents.
  • Your manuscript should be laid out as double-spaced, Times New Roman font 12, with 2.54cm margins all around.
  • We are currently taking 2-6 weeks to assess submissions. We do not give comments on any manuscripts we reject.
  • We do not charge an assessment or reading fee.
  • If we are interested in representing you we will advise if that is in a hybrid (cost-share or author funded) manner or if we would be prepared to enter into a traditional publishing model that sees us taking a commission on royalties.

*Please note: The Book Reality Experience accepts all genres for review, but we retain the right to not proceed with projects we find are inflammatory, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive. Any decision to not proceed is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

A statement about copyright: Your Manuscript and all your work is protected under copyright and in no way will that copyright be encroached upon by the Book Reality Experience, in accordance with the copyright laws of Australia.


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